About the complex

In order for you to enjoy your stay at the Bartolomeo Resort Town, and to take pride in your home we have thought out every detail. As you may know, a more expensive and exclusive thing is distinguished from simpler ones by elaboration of details and trifles.


Bartolomeo Resort Town is a cozy and quiet universe inside a huge city. There is everything necessary for life: cafes, restaurants, a magnificent SPA, beauty salons, pharmacies, medical centers, fitness centers and a dentist’s.

For owners of the apartments there is a spacious underground parking, and for guests there is a special guests parking.


Choosing life in the Bartolomeo Resort Town, you choose the atmosphere of a comfortable suburban life in the center of Dnipro.

Immerse yourself into the atmosphere of a unique place in Dnipro with its own park, a yacht club, a beach and a swimming pool. It has everything so that you can experience a new level of life in the nature.

The apartments owners will have spacious alleys, sports facilities, bicycle paths, playgrounds at their disposal. Once you enter the territory, you get into your own park of harmony.


Bartolomeo Resort Town combines the eclecticism of an ultramodern metropolis and pacification of the natural environment.

Our service agency which serves all the buildings of the complex will promptly resolve any issues relating to living in the Bartolomeo Resort Town; while the gardeners and janitors will turn the surrounding landscape into a subject of admiration for guests.



Trusted companies! “LOGOS” Corporation is a successful diversified corporation; many investment projects have been implemented over the 20-year period of its activity. “STROITEL-P” is a full-cycle construction company, the leader in the construction industry of Ukraine.


Bartolomeo Resort Town combines everything you need for a comfortable life in the center of Dnipro. There are parking areas, underground parking, a beach, a yacht club, a swimming pool, a spa center, a sports complex, a hotel, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, a premium food supermarket, conference halls within walking distance.


All apartments are offered for sale without internal partitions. This makes it possible to zone the space according to your own taste.


The construction of the complex is carried out using modern technologies. All requirements for general construction and special construction and installation work, the quality of building materials, products, structures and the procedure for monitoring work have been complied with.


Due to the location of the complex the apartments’ windows offer breathtaking views. You can fully relax and enjoy the majesty of the Dnieper River, see the beauty of the sunset and feel the purity of the air. Green areas, the park and landscape areas will delight you all year round.



Creating the Bartolomeo Resort Town we strive to achieve perfection in every detail. Modern architecture perfectly combines aesthetics with an ecological approach. Luxury complex with spacious apartments, well-developed infrastructure, park areas, excellent landscape and views of the Dnieper River have all been combined together for your comfortable life.