Bartolomeo Resort Town - the city of Your dreams!

According to research by prominent real estate specialists, find conveniently located apartments luxury apartments in the river today is problematic. It's a paradox, because the new luxury homes put into operation punctually. However, unfortunately, they are built either in residential areas or in the bustling center of the city.

Bartolomeo Resort Town – first of all comfort

when Purchasing property, You have to choose between the eternal traffic jams and a long way from the center, the main transport hubs of the Dnieper. Business people, which it is difficult to assess in terms of money, fall into a stalemate, forced either to invest comparable funds in the restoration of the estate of old buildings, or to waste precious minutes and hours, getting out of the house or home.

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Really great location, in practice, has only one new project – Bartolomeo resort town. This wide promenade without traffic jams and problematic junctions. The road to the center takes no more than 5-7 minutes, 7-12 minutes, and You on the Left Bank. To the airport or the station you can domchat for fair a quarter of an hour, almost the same amount it would take to get to the theater on the Star Boulevard.

However, it is unlikely that You need to go that far, because Bartolomeo Resort Town has a fully established infrastructure. In addition to the supermarket, Park, relaxation areas near the water, beach, Parking for cars, the infrastructure provides availability of playgrounds, sports complex, beauty salons, SPA, swimming pool, Laundry, rooms for negotiations, hotels for Your guests and the best restaurant in the river. Total area of 236 thousand squares, and the building itself is 44 thousand square meters of the coastal territory.

And if on a fine day want to enjoy a ride on a private yacht, grueling road to the Parking lot of the vessel is cancelled. From the window of the apartment in Bartolomeo Resort Town in the river You can see the yacht club. Place for Your boat is already reserved – remains to choose the layout and floor. This is not anywhere else.

to Make your life 100% comfortable just. Enough to buy a property in Bartolomeo Resort Town! In addition to convenience on the outside, You have the opportunity to obtain apartments in the river, filled with a soft sunlight at any time of the day. The thing special about triangular shape of the buildings. Thanks to a brilliant idea of the architect and the special panoramic Windows in each apartment will get a sufficient amount of light and heat outside. There's no dark side and no scorching sun in the summer.

to understand how good it feels, imagine how You Wake up in the morning and look out through the sun-drenched window into the street, where on the Dnieper river sailing luxury boat and the green Park rustling leaves. After washing, You are going to have Breakfast in a cafe on the beach. Each day begins with a pleasant appearance and good mood.

Apartments in Bartolomeo Resort Town — a comfortable and prestigious

If you decide to purchase real estate in the city of Dnepr, then Bartolomeo Resort Town — this is something that you should definitely pay attention. The complex consists of five high-rise apartment buildings all built from environmentally friendly materials and new technologies. Their main feature is the original triangular shape, through which panoramic Windows in all apartments are oriented to the main river of Ukraine. Deciding to buy an apartment in the resort town, you get a lot of advantages:

  • the
  • any problems with the property rights;
  • the
  • open plan;
  • the
  • brand new communication;
  • the
  • well-thought-out infrastructure;
  • the
  • the availability of additional benefits: underground Parking, guest Parking, swimming pools, yacht club, etc D.

on sale are apartments of one-, two-, three-room type, as well as comfortable penthouses. All versions have a free plan, allowing the new owners can complete the interior design to your taste. Having its own boiler room on the roof provides an uninterrupted supply of heat. Glazed Windows are produced by using high quality profile of the company Rayners and is energy efficient. Additional savings provide metering of electricity, water and heat. Buying an apartment in Bartolomeo resort town — this is a great opportunity to improve their standard of living. After all, this is not only luxury apartments, but the  resort town with excellent infrastructure.

Bartolomeo Resort Town — luxury complex in the city of Dnepr

Bartolomeo Resort Town — is a luxurious complex in the river, which can rightly be called a separate city. The complex has everything you need for a comfortable stay including restaurants, SPA-center, beauty salon, medical centers, fitness centers, pharmacies and dental office. The owners are free to enjoy spacious two-level Parking lot and access — a specially equipped Parking. Even more to take in the sights and unique places will allow a landscaped Park, swimming pool and private beach.

On the territory of the complex there is absolute harmony and tranquility. Bartolomeo Resort Town — this is a completely new quality of life, and feel it can absolutely everyone. Apartments  Bartolomeo Resort Town — this is a modern apartment in the Park area. Building is surrounded by spacious walkways, Bicycle lanes, children's and sports grounds. The cleanliness of the complex is following the unit of janitors and gardeners, whose work deserves special praise. The territory of the city-resort is a separate and well-protected by the state. The maintenance of the complex are true professionals who are always ready to help in solving any problems. Property for sale in Bartolomeo Resort Town can afford anyone! Is wanted.

Modern apartments with views of the river

If you want to live in a beautiful area of the Dnieper, on the banks of the main river of Ukraine, then the apartment Bartolomeo Resort Town — this is exactly what you need. Due to the excellent environment and well developed infrastructure, accommodation to  complex is comfortable and rich. A few hundred meters away is the street Sichevskyi embankment, which is one of the most important thoroughfares Dnipro.

the Complex consists of five high-rise buildings, which are United the portion. Their unique triangular shape allows the species to make the maximum number of apartments. Each of you have their own views of the enchanting river, parks and urban landscapes. Bartolomeo resort town is a resort city on the water, which has advantageous location. He is also part of the metropolis, and wildlife. 

How to buy premium apartments in the river?

the Luxurious complex Bartolomeo Resort Town consists of five apartment buildings. This brand new format that is impossible to meet in any other city in the country. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose either the apartments on high floors with stained glass and panoramic views, or at least comfortable - on the lower floors. All upper floors are penthouses with open terraces of considerable dimensions. More than 85% of the apartments are species. Thus, deciding to buy an apartment in , you become the full owner of the incredible views of the river and scenery of the metropolis.

the construction of the complex continued to the present day. Developers used modern engineering technology and high quality materials. Strength, reliability and stability of the structures due to the use of 1,500 piles and Foundation slab with a thickness of 1.4 m. despite the fact that construction work is still underway, the sale of apartments in elite houses Bartolomeo resort town is already open. 

Bartolomeo resort town – Your investment in the future

Today's construction – only a small part of the global plans. The project will continue to expand until it will take its originally conceived look. Eventually the city will get a new, completely self-sufficient decoration of the embankment of the Dnieper.

the prospects of the district are impressive. Only a few years to buy an apartment in Bartolomeo Resort Town in the river would be impossible. Will move farther implementation of the project, the more expensive square footage. Today You buy a property cheaper than a year, two or even ten years. The value will rise along with new towers.

Apartments in the Resort Town desired, not only for You but also for Your heirs. Construction work is carried out with use of qualitative materials and modern technologies. Each apartment is in new building Bartolomeo Resort Town is unique, and every owner will be able to create a comfortable, homey atmosphere.

Visit the sales center and You make sure to buy apartments in Bartolomeo resort town – the best solution, anyway!


* "Please note that the information on the website is only for informational and advertising nature, does not constitute an offer, a public offer in accordance with the article 641 of the Civil code of Ukraine.
Posted on the website layout of apartments and other premises are not exact copies of the project documents or documents of technical inventory, and is made for promotional purposes to visualize the characteristics of the property and premises.
Landscaping elements, materials and color of the facade of the complex under construction, common areas, apartments and other premises in a newly built complex  can differ from the ones shown on the website.
For the latest information on the sales terms, as well as on the characteristics of  apartments, other premises, the common areas You can contact the sales Department"



  • Extensive infrastructure in one place: parkland, playgrounds, sports complex. all sorts of boutiques, a supermarket premium, pool, unique Spa area, beachfront, underground Parking, conference facilities, Laundry, Barber set out for property.
  • a Great location, and not in the center amidst the bustle and center – in the silence amidst nature. 5-7 minutes by car-and you're in the center, 15 minutes drive to airport, 15 minute drive to the station.
  • a Magnificent species characteristics. Views of the Dnipro river opens from the 4th floor of a tall building. Higher – the more beautiful!
  • For lovers of club houses and a limited number of neighbours – «amphitheatre" of the three-storey building, in the entrance of 6 apartments, with a spacious terrace (18 m2).
  • yachts – yacht club house, the first and only complex that it offers.
  • Adaptability in construction: modern construction technology – cast-frame, energy-efficient materials in construction (insulation of facades with the necessary supply, high quality panoramic Windows Reynaers, ultra-modern roof boiler), appliances of light/water/heat.

Layout of apartments

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AVERAGE of 74,40 M2
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AVERAGE of 74,40 M2
LARGE FROM 127,42 M2
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LARGE FROM 127,42 M2

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‘Builder-P” construction company full cycle, the leader of the construction industry of Ukraine, the primary flagship of the real estate market of the Dnieper. For 22 years the company has built and commissioned more than 300 residential and commercial real estate. The company provides not only development of the project and the construction and further operation of the constructed objects, the provision of services for property owners.


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