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The design is conceptually designed by a Spanish architect Ricardo Boffil. The building configuration provides a luxurious panorama in 85% of all apartments. A spacious area of ​​7.5 hectares makes it possible to equip a picturesque park area where there is a direct access to the river, recreation areas for adults and children's playgrounds.



For those who like a cozy atmosphere special format of housing was created. This format includes comfortable apartments with panoramic terraces in a three-storey building, a limited number of respectable neighbors, comfortable accommodation, and an impeccable service. For connoisseurs of upper floors, stained glasses, and panoramic views there are apartments in high-rise buildings. More than 85% of the apartments have view characteristics. Penthouses with open spacious terraces are located on the upper floors. You will become the owner of not only comfortable apartments but also a gorgeous view of the water surface of the Dnieper River, a park zone and city landscapes.


The construction of the complex is carried out with the use of modern engineering technologies. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the materials used, the strength of the structure, and the level of performance. 1500 piles will provide the necessary safety margin of the whole structure, and the foundation plate with a total thickness of 1.4 m connects all the piles together and guarantees the super-strength and stability of all buildings in the Bartolomeo Resort Town.


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WEBSITE: logos-corp.com

“LOGOS” is a successful diversified corporation. One of its priority areas is development. During the 20-year period of the corporation's activities many investment construction projects have been implemented. The impeccable business reputation of “LOGOS” Corporation plays a key role, and a highly professional team and positive work experience in various commercial projects guarantee a 100% success.


Website: stroitel-p.com.ua

A full cycle construction company, the leader of the construction industry in Ukraine, the flagship of the primary real estate market in Dnipro. During 22 years of work the company has built and commissioned over 300 residential and commercial real estate units. The company's activities include not only the development of project and construction but also the further operation of the constructed facilities, as well as providing services for the owners of apartments and premises.


“River Town Development” LLC is the developer of the project “Bartolomeo Resort Town”.

Jur. Address: 49000, Dnipro, 249, Bogdan Khmelnitsky Avenue.

EDRPOU code: 40242736.